TV Schedule for Cozi TV (WOTH) Cincinnati, OH (2024)

TV Schedule for Cozi TV (WOTH) Cincinnati, OH (1)

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    The Nanny Mommy and Mai

    The orphan whom Fran and Val adopted for a grade-school project looks them up while visiting the United States.

    The Nanny Fair Weather Fran

    Fran fulfills her dream of being a weather forecaster when her grandmother's fiance turns out to be Bryant Gumbel's uncle.

    The Nanny Educating Fran

    Fran's love affair with her dream man is put in jeopardy by a little white lie and his obsession with astrology.

    The Nanny From Flushing With Love

    Fran (Fran Drescher) invites Maxwell (Charles Shaughnessy) to her family reunion at Niagara Falls hoping he'll feel romantic. Guest star: Spalding Gray.

    3rd Rock From the Sun Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner

    Dick inadvertently attends a white supremacy rally; Sally, Harry and Tommy enter a contest intended for children.

    3rd Rock From the Sun Sex and the Sally

    Sally goes on birth-control pills after learning that sex can lead to pregnancy; Dick learns about tipping.

    3rd Rock From the Sun Charitable Dick

    An auction rival (Ron West) gets a rise out of Dick when they both bid on a worthless painting.

    3rd Rock From the Sun The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary

    When Mary gets a grant to make a documentary about an average American family, she chooses Dick's clan.

    3rd Rock From the Sun Gwen, Larry, Dick & Mary

    Dick and Mary befriend a charming new couple (Jonathan Frakes, Genie Francis) who suddenly stop returning their phone calls.

    3rd Rock From the Sun Dick Puts the Id in Cupid

    Dick's confidence is shaken when he learns that Mary has been discussing their relationship with a therapist.

    Cleaner, Fresher Carpets with Shark

    Could your Carpets be making you sick? This 2-in-1 deep carpet cleaner and handheld spot & stain eliminator combines strong suction and high-pressure spray to deliver the best deep carpet cleaning and tough stain elimination in the market.

    Heartland Written in Stone

    Lou deals with last minute obstacles in an attempt to give Amy and Ty the perfect wedding.

    Emergency! The Firehouse Four

    A man's disastrous attempts at exercise repeatedly disrupt the paramedics' barbershop-quartet rehearsals; guest Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

    Emergency! Details

    A dog-bite case sheds a new light on Gage's current love interest; an aging stripper collapses in a nightclub; guest Erik Estrada.

    Little House on the Prairie A Promise to Keep

    Mr. Edwards almost alienates the Ingalls when he stays with them after alcoholism ruins his marriage.

    Little House on the Prairie A Faraway Cry

    Caroline faces an agonizing decision when she agrees to help a childhood friend whose illness threatens the life of her newborn baby.

    Little House on the Prairie He Was Only Twelve

    Charles, Albert and Mr. Edwards follow the bank robbers who shot innocent bystander James.

    Bones Intern in the Incinerator

    The team suspects colleagues when the remains of a young Jeffersonian intern are found in the building's incinerator; Booth poses as Cam's boyfriend and accompanies her on a family get-together.

    Bones Boy in the Time Capsule

    When high-school classmates reunite to unearth a time capsule buried 20 years earlier, they find the corpse of an adolescent friend inside; while combing through the victim's life, the team members rehash their own teen years.

    Bones The Knight on the Grid

    After construction workers find an archbishop's body with the kneecaps surgically removed, the team returns to the case of the Widow's Son serial killer.

    Monk Mr. Monk Visits a Farm

    Lt. Disher inherits his uncle's farm, but suspects that he may not have died of natural causes.

    Monk Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan

    Monk's biggest fan is accused of a bizarre crime, and she turns to her idol for help.

    Monk Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure

    Monk finds himself in trouble when he helps his psychiatrist's son follow a treasure map.

    Roseanne Another Mouth to Shut Up

    Roseanne and Dan are shocked and have very different reactions to Darlene and David's big news.

    Roseanne Morning Becomes Obnoxious

    A television news reporter interviews Roseanne in the street.

    Roseanne Ballroom Blitz

    Plans for David and Darlene's wedding are made; Bev (Estelle Parsons) fantasizes about her dance instructor (Tony Curtis).

    Roseanne The Wedding

    Dan and Roseanne express their emotions on Darlene's wedding day.

    Frasier Hooping Cranes

    Niles sinks a half-court shot for a huge prize at a Seattle SuperSonics game, reigniting the sibling rivalry.

    Frasier Docu.Drama

    Roz asks Frasier to narrate her space documentary, but things sour when she asks John Glenn to replace him.

    Frasier It Takes Two to Tangle

    Frasier and Niles try to convince their father's wealthy new gal to support their former prep school.

    Frasier Forgotten but Not Gone

    Frasier blows his cork when Niles convinces members of the wine club not to partake in his radio show.

    Frasier Daphne Returns

    A slimmed-down Daphne returns from the spa and blames Niles for her initial weight gain.

    Frasier The Wizard and Roz

    Frasier catches his professional mentor (Rene Auberjonois) in a compromising position; Niles agrees to meet with Daphne's psychic evaluator (Fisher Stevens).

    The Nanny Rash to Judgment

    Fran's romantic evening with Maxwell at a Michael Bolton concert is ruined by a rash her doctor can't cure.

    The Nanny One False Mole and You're Dead

    Fran (Fran Drescher) makes the mistake of telling a gossip columnist (Cindy Adams) that a famous actress (Joan Van Ark) has a fake mole.

    TV Schedule for Cozi TV (WOTH) Cincinnati, OH (2024)
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