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THE WEATHER Fair and cool tonight and Thursday. ir rot) ran. to i YOUR riMES-JOUKNAL DIA1 ra 1-441, EXT. 1 BEFORE 4J4 WEEK DAT OB BEFORE SUNDAY 5 CENTS A COPY (Established 1890) (Established 1827) 16 PAGES TODAY 14 Hour Assocl-ted Press Leased Wire SELMA, WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, OCTOBER 24, 1962 VOL 135, NO. 203 Full NFA Service Russo-American Shotvdown On High Seas At Hand: Congress Heads Brace For Full-Scale Action pn S' agl Navy Converging On Cargo Craft Bound To Cuba Risk Of Warfare Regarded Great In Washington rv Ms mm I i i By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (AP) sinnal leaders grimly accepted today the prospect that full scale military action may be needed to back President Kennedy's move aimqd at wiping out the Cuban missile threat to the Western Hemisphere.

Without exception, party leaders cheduled to confer with Knenedy late today on the crisis made it clear they recognized the risk of nucieai war is great. They are willing to take it. 7 OAS BACKS U.S. PROPOSAL In Washington the Council of the Organization of American States voted 18-0. with two abstentions, to back the U.S.

proposal for immediate collective action to deal with the military buildup in Cuba but did not vote on the "quarantine" measure. Cuba's "place at the table (right foreground) is empty. (NEA Telephoto) EVACUATED FROM GUANTANAMO BAT Five Navy wives evacuated from Guantanamo Bay rest at Little Creek, Va. From left: Mrs. Theodore Besuey, of New York; Mrs.

Marilyn Knox, of Lincoln, Mrs. George Bernocco, of Asbury Park, N.J.; Mrs. Nellie Johnson, of Chicago, and Mrs. Miles Krepela, of New York. NEA Telephoto) ITEMS PROHIBITED WASHINGTON In his formal proclamation of the arms quarantine around Cuba, President Kennedy specified what weapons are to be considered offensive.

The following are declared to be prohibited material: "Surface to surface missiles; bomber aircraft; bombs, air to surface rockets and guided missiles; warheads for any of the above weapons; mechanical or electronic equipment to support or operate the above items, and any other classes of material hereafter designated by the secretary of defense for the purpose of effectuating this County Not Ready To Meet Threat Of Bomb Blast WASHINGTON (AP) The Unit-ed Stales and the Soviet Communists approached an armed showdown on the high seas at mid-morning today, as Soviet cargo ships plowed toward Cuba and American naval power converged on thqm. Navy Converging At 11 a.m. EST, two hours after the quarantine started, the Defense Department said it had no reports of interceptions of any ships. Strung out along the approaches to Cuba were an estimated 25 Soviet ships. Some of them quite possibly were carrying offensive weapons to the Cuban Communist ally a movement which President Kennedy says must be stopped.

At 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, Kennedys quarantine went into effect and the historic moment was at hand. The first warships headed in toward tha first Soviet cargb ships. Radio Warnings A few hours before, the Navy had broadcast radio warnings to all shipping to stand clear of the area, that it could become dangerous. There was a report that Soviet Embassy officials here were claiming that no Soviet ship would heed the stop signal of any U.S.

warship Cuba's Fidel Castro saw the quarantine as an act of war aad Moscow took a grave and angry view. For more than a year the tension between the United States and Cuba had mounted. Then on Monday night, Kennedy made his move, announcing a quarantine with the clamp on offensive arms shipments into Cuba. He was accepting the fact that anything might happen as a result. The Defense Department made public aerial reconnaissance photographs which it aaid proved the charge that the Soviet Union was installing or has installed ballistic missiles, almost certainly with nuclear warheads, on Cuban aitea.

Ship Total Secret The Defense Department kept secrecy on the total of Navy ships and planes assigned to the quarantine operation and on the precise areas in which they wera operating All indications pointed to a force of a size and type which seemed (See NAVY, Page I) Smaller Powers Seek Halt On Provocation To Allow Solution By MAX IIARRELSON UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. ((Britain and Venezuela today threw their support behind the U.S. military quarantine of Cuba as Acting U.N. Secretary-General Thant weighed a small nation appeal that he intervene in an attempt to head off a U.S. -Soviet showdown.

A committee representing 45 Indian Leaders Reject Chinese Talks Offer As Pure Hypocrisy By FRED BRADSHER NEW DELHI OP) Chinese Communists are advancing into northeast India at four points, and India has rejected Peipings proposal for peace talks on Chinese terms, an official spokesman said today. Chinese troops have driven to within 10 or 12 mhiles of the important monastery town of To- Berlin Surrender Demand Of Reds Renewed Again Some of them expect a preliminary showdown with the Soviet Union in the shipping lanes almost momentarily. Others believe that if the President's demand for dismantling of Soviet controlled missile bases in Cuba is flouted, massivt military action to take them over might come later. Crisis Confirmation The unanimous viewpoint that the crisis is heading toward a climax was sustained by a statement of Secretary of the Treasury Douglas Dillon. Dillon told a meeting of Latin American finance ministers in Juesday that i offensive prone ration on the IslMd are not halted immediately further action will be fully justified.

Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota, deputy Democratic Senate leader, told reporters that, come may, the United States "Is not going to tolerate what they have missiles already or any expansion of them. Humphrey said that in White House meetings he had attended there had been no time limit set on Kennedys demand for removal Of the bases. Senate Democratic Leader Mike (See RISK, Page 2) Piracy Charge Of Castro In Blast At Quarantine By GEORGE ARFELD HAVANA (AP Asserting he has the weapons to "repulse any aggression, Prime Minister Fidel Castro rejected any limit on Cubas arms buildup Tuesday night and called the U.S.

arms quarantine an act of piracy. Our arms are defensive, Castro declared as he defied a U.S. proposal for the United Nations to send in an inspection team to investigate President Kennedy's charge that Soviet missile bases-are planted in Cuba. Anyone trying, to carry out an arms inspection in Cuba "had better come ready for combat, the bearded revolutionary leader told the nation in a 90-minute television address Castro scoffed at Kennedys warning in his speech Monday that the flow of Soviet arms to Cuba was a menace to the Western Hemisphere. He ridiculed the Organization of American States for its solid support of the U.S.

quarantine of Cuba. He called the organizations (See PIRACY, Page 2) Rider Convictions Upheld By Court By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The convictions of 11 Freedom Riders on charges of unlawful assembly and breach of the peace have been upheld by the Alabama Court of Appeals in Montgomery. The decision handed down by the apoellate court Tuesday affirmed the fine of $100 and the 30-day jail sentence imposed by Circuit Judge Eugnee Carter on charges stemming from a lunch counter integration attempt at a Montgomery bus depot last May. The higher courts decision centered on the appeal of the Rev. Ralph D.

Abernathy of Atlanta, a Negro and former Montgomery integration leader. By agreement, it applied also to 10 companion See RIDER, Page 2) countries from all parts of the world called on Thant this morning and requested him to seek a standstill pending a negotiated settlement. He was reported to have told the group he would consider the appeal. Thant May Speak Ambassador Zenon Rossides of Cyprus, chairman of the group, said Thant indicated he might address the 11-nation Security Council later in the day. The small countries were called into another session to hear the committee report and to consider a possible resolution for the council.

Inside the council chamber, Venezuelan Ambassador Carlos Sosa Rodriguez declared the Soviet weapons in Cuba were no longer defensive but were a threat to the entire hemisphere. He demanded that the council take action to halt the shipment of offensive weapons and to dismantle the missile bases already built. "It is sufficient, he said, that these weapons are now in the hands of the nuclear powers themselves, and we cannot accept that they be handed over to the only Communist state in the Americas. Double Dealing Charge British Delegate Sir Patrick Market Investors Trying To Gauge Cuba Reaction By DARDEN CHAMBLISS AP Business News Writer NEW YORK (API Stock market investors tried today to anticipate how Wall Street will react now and in weeks to come to the Cuban crisis. The market sagged on Monday's uncertainty, held firmer after the President spelled out the U.S.

position, then suddenly sank badly. The late selling rush Tuesday was linked by analysts to talk of a possible clash between U.S. and Soviet ships at the Cuban blockade lines. It was scared selling, said Eldon Grimm, of Walston and after the market closed. "People were afraid what would happen.

Market Weakened Other analysts cited additional factors, including the one that accused the Soviet Union of cumulative weakness had left the wang, in northeast India, to the west and are also pushing toward it from the north. A fresh Chinese attack into India has been launched at Asfila, on the northeast frontier about 100 miles east of Towang. Indian Post Fails At the eastern end of the northeastern border, near Burma, an Indian post has fallen and the Chinese are driving down the Luh-nah Valley. At the northwest end of the disputed Himalayan frontier, in Ladakh, the Chinese have attacked for the first time in Changchenmo River valley and have captured a post. Although the spokesman declined to comment on the over-all Ladakh situation, it appeared to observers that the Chinese might have overrun all Indian military posts on what the Chinese ejaim to be their territory.

Talks Offer Rejected High Indian officials said a Red Chinese proposal for a meeting between Prime Minister Nehru and Premier Chou En-lai to settle the border dispute was pure hypocrisy. The officials also rejected a companion Chinese proposal, broadcast from Peiping, for a cease-fire under which each na- (See INDIAN, Page 2) Any immediate nuclear attack growing out of the Cuban situation would find Selma and Dallas County totally unprepared to protect itself against resulting fallout, Civil Defense Director George P. Quarles said today. While the crisis prevails, he advised, families should remain calm but should plan within themselves what to do in the event of an attack. I would advise families to stock up on a two-week supply of canned goods," he said, "and decide where it can obtain the best available protection from fallout in the event such measures become necessary.

The director stressed the importance of "not getting excited and remaining calm. Certainly the -public must be aware that something could happen, he said, but the situation could also be resolved without war. Col. Quarles said the local Civil Defense has not been alerted to enact any emergency program but is in constant contact with state and federal authorities for future announcements. Meanwhile, the gravity of the international situation, he added, has stimulated more immediate, active interest in Civil Defense within the past 48 hours than he has been able to generate In 18 months of talks before countless organizations in the city, Col.

Quarles said. The director said thejtelephone in Room 234 of the courthouse (sec ond floor) has been ringing constantly with queries about fallout shelters during the past 48 hours. Citizens Given Jolt The Cuban situation has really jolted local citizens into an awareness of danger that nothing else has been able to achieve, Col. Quarles observed. Whether it will have any lasting effect, if the im mediate tension eases, is difficult to predict." The director gave this sketch of the local Civil Defense setup: We do have a few private family type shelters, but it is impossible to estimate the exact number, the director said.

Organization of a Civil Defense (See COUNTY, Page 2) Navy Enlistments Get Extensions Picture Evidence Of Bases Given Altitude Testing Conclusion Near WASHINGTON (AP) Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara has extended enlistments of Navy and Marine personnel for up to one year, saying they needed to man the U.S. arms quarantine of Cuba. McNamara, in announcing tha order Tuesday night, said extra manpower also is needed to reinforce the U. S.

Naval Basa at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. McNamara said the order applies to all men now on active duty and in effect means that there will be no discharges, except for hardship, until further notice up to one year from now, AH Navy and Marine Corps personnel are volunteers. Congress recently authorize President Kennedy to extend enlistments up to one year and ti recall to active duty up to 150, (it Reserves to meet any crisis. Ths congressional authority expires next Feb. 28, two months after Congress reconvenes.

McNamara said no steps are be ing taken to call up any Reserve! at this time. Pentagon officials said tha ex tension order probably would increase the Navy by 10,000 men 3 month and the Marines by 2,40) men a month. BERLIN (AP) Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko was reported today to have renewed the Communist demand that Western tropos get out of Berlin and called for full recognition of East German sovereignty. The official East German news agency ADN said Gromyko made the statements in a speech to a crowd in East Berlin after he toured the wall dividing the city.

Standing on a truck as an improvised platform, Gromyko pledged that the Soviet Union would never allow the slightest violation of the sovereign Tights of East Germany, ADN said. Gromyko arrved Tuesday in East Berlin from New York and had talks with the Communists chief of East Germany, Walter Ul-bricht, and Foreign Minister Lothar Bolz. The visit was announced as a stopover on his way to Moscow. There have been fears in the West that the Soviet Union might make some move against West Berlin as retaliation for the quarantine of Cuba. Soviet tanks, artillery and motorized units were observed on the move outside Berlin during the night, West Berlin police reported.

They said travelers across East Germany saw Soviet units on the autobahn, the highway connecting Berlin with the West, and on the road from Berlin to Hamburg. The largest group was reported around Nauen, a small town about 10 miles west of Berlin. Western Allied military sources said the troops appeared to be units returning to bases from training exercises. A fog that hampered Gromykos look into West Berlin helped seven east Germans flee during the night, police reported. Visibility was poor along the 101 miles of concrete and barbed wire surrounding West Berlin.

Police did not disclose any details of the escape into West Berlin. U. S. Embassy Scene Of Youth Protest MOSCOW (AP) About 100 sign-carrying Russian youths staged a 75-minute demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy today to protest American actions against Cuba.

Police dispersed the demonstrators, who were mostly of high school and grade school age. Embassy officials had feared the demonstration would swell into a violent outburst by thousands, as has occurred before. They battened down the lower floors of the nina-story building and moved all employes to upper floors. The students shook their fists and carried signs reading Hands off Cuba and Stop the mm WASHINGTON (AP) The Defense Department released early today 14 aerial photographs of what it said were Soviet missile sites, bomber fields and patrol boats in Cuba. The photographs were made public hours after some of the pictures had been released in on-don.

Some had been displayed by Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara when he briefed newsmen on the Cuban crisis Monday night after President Kennedy announced an arms quarantine of Cuba. There are three pictures of merchant ships which the" Defense Department said were Soviet ships bound for Cuba carrying light Jet bombers in crates visible on the decks. One high-altitude shot the Pentagon describes as of a major airfield and notes in an enlarged portion a jet bomber almost assembled and 18 crates containing more of the IL28 bombers. In another, seven Soviet PT boats are pointed out moored near an airfield.

The Pentagon said the boats are armed with guided missile launchers. Among the others were air photos of what the Pentagon de-gcribed as an intermediate and medium-range missile bases, sur- face-to-air missile sites, a missile assembly depot and MIG21 jet fghters at a Cuban airfield. ms I I market ill-equipped to cope with fresh bad news. When a market has taken the beating this one has," said one broker, it doesnt have much fight left. The late wave sent many stocks plunging and even the defense issues that had1 stood stoutly all day took a battering.

Averages took their biggest dips in months and prices sank toward the area of the years June lows. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks slipped 4.4 to 208. The Dow Jones industrials average lost 10.54 to 558.06. Volume of 5 69 million shares was a far cry from the 2 million and 3 million days in recent weeks. Market On Defensive Analyst Sidney Lurie of Joseph-thal and said: The market is on the defensive and it's in an oversold area.

Its ready to turn around as soon as theres the slightest bit of encouragement. But the fact it could doesn't mean it will. Ralph Rotnem of Harris, -Up-ham and said it is likely the market will continue- ittery for two or three more weeks. Issues such as rails, steels, aerospace and chemicals that Stood to gain from military activity enjoyed the best play. Consumer storks, including tobaccos, foods and retails, went down badly.

Foreign stock exchanges generally reflected Wall Street weakness. Conversely, commodity prices as usually happens on international alarmsjumped sharply at markets over the world. HONOLULU (AP Tonights scheduled high-altitude nuclear blast above Johnston Island and another test planned for Saturday may bring to a close the trouble-plagued Pacific nuclear series. Both tests originally were scheduled 24 hours earlier but were pushed back because of technical difficulties. There was no further explanation.

Time schedule for the shots is a five-hour period beginning at 2:30 a.m. EST. Joint Task Force 8 officials declined comment on whether Saturdays explosion will be the last. However, a spokesman said a week ago only three tests were authorized in the series that resumed this month. The United States exploded the first of the shots last Friday.

That blast was the size of the atom bomb that leveled Hiroshima in 1945. Tonights test will be in the submegaton range, equivalent in power to between 20,000 and one million tons of TNT. inf "calculated double dealing" and declared this is bound to cast doubt on any statements issued by the Russians. He said the stationing of Soviet missiles in Cuba affects the whole security of the Western Hemisphere and cannot be tolerated. Convinced that the council would wind up in a deadlock over opposing tf-S.

and Soviet resolutions, the small powers delegated-Ghana, the United Arab Republic and Cyprus to ask Thant to intervene. Many of the small nations want ed to call directly on President Kennedy to lift his arms quarantine of Cuba, but it-was decided instead to address the appeal in general terms. U. S. Committed Considerable doubt was felt that the United States, having Ordered its warships to halt all vessels in Cuban waters, would pay any attention to an.

appeal addressed. (See SMALLER, Page 2) Red Clrna Informed Of Kennedy Speech TOKYO (AP) Communist Chinas official New China News Agency reported President Kennedys announcement of a quarantine i Cuba for the first time Wednesday. The agency, in a dispatch car--ying a Washington dateline, said in complete disregard of the fact that the U.S. was committing aggression against Cuba, he alleged that Cuba was being transformed into an important strategic base' which constitutes an explicit threat to the peace and security of all the Americas, I said Kennedy renewed his vicious slanderous attacks on the revolutionary government of the Cuban people and openly instigated them to subvert their own government EXPRESSES SYMPATHY LONDON (AP) Prime Minist-Haroid Macmillan has expresses concern and sympathy- for Ind i in the struggle to repel Chinese attackers. In a message to Prime Mini' ter Nehru Tuesday Macmille-.

pledged Britain's readiness to provide weapons and supplies. LITTLE t-IX FULL COVEhAGE NEW YORK (AP Radio Lib Move By President Held Interdiction WASHINGTON (AP President Kennedy used the military word interdiction Tuesday night in his proclamation invoicing a ban on movement of offensive weapons into Cuba. In the military dictionary used by the U.S. armed forces, inter- diet is defined this way: to prevent or hinder, by any means, enemy use of an area or route." DOESNT KNOW SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain (AP) Fulgencio Batista, ousted by Fidel Castro as president of Cuba, said Tuesday the Cuban crisis was to be so'ved by those who presently bear the responsibilities in the world. Batista called the situation very serious, but noted he had been separated from active politics since Castro took over.

Cuba Jan. 1959 I do hot possess enough information on the events, he added. COLONEL RICHARD L. AULT (left), commander of Craig AFB, Is presented the Air Force Commendation Medal in ceremonies at a Wing Review held at Craig. Making the presentation was Maj.

Gen. Benjamin Webster (right), chief of staff, Air Defense Command. C)- Ault received the medal, at the direction of the secretary of the Air Force, for service while assigned to duty at the Pentagon just prior to his assignment to Craig. In center background of photo Is retiring Col. Dilbert Clark, who also received the commendation award for services as commander of Craig's Pilot Training Gr erty, a privately endowed anticommunist network, is beaming the full text of President Kennedy' nationwide address on the Cuban crisis to the Soviet Union in the 17 languages spoken within the U.S.S.R.

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