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1. Widefield 3 - Campus Student

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2. Widefield 3 - Campus Parent

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3. NEW! Infinite Campus Mobile Apps

  • Promote the new apps to your parents and students! · Video · Posters/Flyers · Email · App Icons · Download App · Infinite Campus Logo.

  • In order for a successful transition to our NEW mobile apps, we created some helpful communication tools for your district to promote the new apps to parents and students.

4. Infinite Campus / Infinite Campus - Community Unit School District 300

5. Parents & Students - Infinite Campus

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6. Widefield School District 3: Home - Flexible K12 Learning

  • Staff · Students · Calendar · Careers in Widefield

  • Home - Widefield School District 3 | PreK-12 Public School District in Colorado Springs, CO | 1820 Main Street Colorado Springs, CO 80911 | Experience WSD3!

7. Resources for Students - Widefield School District 3

  • The Haven School K-12 Virtual School · The ... D3 Library Catalog · Encyclopedia Britannica · Houghton Mifflin · iReady · Infinite Campus Portal - Check your ...

  • Information your students will benefit from such as learning resources, calendars, student help desk & more. !

8. Lakeville Area Schools / Homepage

  • ... D3 after several months of designing updated school boundaries with stakeholder input. ... Portal Links. Infinite Campus. Schoology. Seesaw. LINQ Connect. OmnID ...

  • At Lakeville Area Schools, student success is our number one goal. It’s no surprise we’re at the head of the class in academics, at the top of our game in athletics, and an all-star performer in arts and activities. We’re focused on ensuring success for every child, so students make the most of their individual gifts and unique potential. We also believe in fostering a sense of community in every classroom, building and team. Our leaders reinforce this shared commitment, creating a culture of collaboration and connection. Whether a Cougar or a Panther, everyone is a part of the pride! That roar of pride can be heard across the Lakeville Area. The active involvement, support and enthusiasm of our community helps navigate students towards successes. Together, we focus on opportunities to raise student achievement and prepare them for a bright future.

9. Harrison School District 2: Home

  • Infinite Campus(opens in new window/tab) · Resources & Support toggle Resources & Support section. Drivers Education · School Safety · Summer Activities ...

  • Home - Harrison School District 2

10. Hamilton School District #3: Home

  • download the app. End of Gallery. District Calendars · Infinite Campus · Adult Education · Dining Menus & Information · School Board Meetings · Enroll here.

  • Dedicated to Excellence in Education

Hamilton School District #3: Home

11. [PDF] Towers Cluster Townhall Remaining Questions What is a Horizon School ...

  • In the. DeKalb County School District, these schools are referred to as Horizon Schools. ... Infinite Campus. Hitting the Road with Horton – DeKalb County School ...

12. Boone County Area Technology: Home

  • Infinite Campus · Bell Schedule · Dual Credit Information · FERPA Notification of ... d3. 7edccbb0-20bc-4d3c-b6ed-79af84584d38.jpg. d3. skillsregionals. 8ead759b ...

  • Home - Boone County Area Technology

13. Special Services / Preschool Screening - Cary School District 26

  • Voluntary screenings for all three and four year old children living in the Cary District 26 and Fox River Grove D3 attendance area will be held throughout ...

  • Voluntary screenings for all three and four year old children living in the Cary District 26 and Fox River Grove D3 attendance area will be held throughout the year at Oak Knoll Early Childhood Center. The screening gives information about developmental skills such as how the child uses his or her body (motor skills), speech and language skills, knowledge of basic concepts like counting and colors (conceptual skills), and the child’s vision and hearing development.Preschool Screening dates for 2024-2025 are:Friday, September 13, 2024Friday, November 8, 2024Friday, January 10, 2025Friday, March 14, 2025 2023-2024 ARISE & Preschool for All Screening DatesDistrict 26 is pleased to announce the offering of an At-Risk Pre-School Program and Preschool for All at Oak Knoll Early Childhood Center in the 2023-24 school year.  The programs are designed to provide a preschool experience for children ages 3-5 who are residents of Cary or Fox River Grove and who qualify for pre-school programming due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to economic need, low performance on screening, primary language other than English, and chronic illness/health concerns.Please e-mail Nikki Turney at or call 224-357-5550 and leave a voice mail message with the requested information with your name, address, cell #, and child’s name and date of birth. ARISE Screening Dates for 2024-2025 are:Friday, August 2, 2024Friday, November 15, 2024Friday, January 24, 2025Fri...

14. Clubs - Morrill Middle School

  • Infinite Campus. Infinite Campus. Infinite Campus Parent Portal · Infinite ... Room: D3. For students who enjoy reading books and talking about them ...

  • Anime Club

15. 2023 - 2024 Employee Work Calendars - Sacramento City ...

  • SCTA-D3, SCTA, School Psychologists. SCTA-D5, SCTA, Program Specialists ... Current Employees · Log In Log Out Infinite Campus. Social Link October 4, 2016 ...

  • REQUIRED WORK CALENDARS: SCHOOL YEAR (2024/2025) - Download Memo

2023 - 2024 Employee Work Calendars - Sacramento City ...
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