Florida baseball vs Texas A&M score updates in College World Series (2024)

OMAHA, Neb. ― Florida baseball will look to copy prior postseason runs by Fresno State and Ole Miss when it begins College World Series play on Saturday against Texas A&M at Charles Schwab Field.

Ole Miss finished the regular season with a 14-16 conference record and as a regional No. 3 seed won its first national title in 2022.

Fresno State entered the postseason with 32 wins before going 15-3 in its final 18 games to win its only national title at the 2008 CWS.

The Florida Gators (34-28) began postseason play with just 28 wins but won five straight in the Stillwater Regional and Clemson Super Regional to reach the CWS for the 14th time in school history and ninth time under head coach Kevin O'Sullivan.

Florida is 135-86 (.611) all-time in the NCAA Tournament and 25-26 at the College World Series (.490).

The Gators will start freshman righty Liam Peterson (3-4. 5.97 ERA) against Texas A&M lefty Justin Lamkin (2-2, 5.73 ERA).

Texas A&M (49-13) lost two of three games at Florida last Match.

Offensively, Florida has relied on the longball, ranking fifth nationally and fourth in the SEC with 131 home runs (2.1 per game).But the Gators may need to adjust playing in cavernous Charles Schwab Field, with dimensions of 335 down the left field line, 375 feet in the power alleys and 408 feet in center field.

What channel is Florida baseball vs Texas A&M playing on today?


Time:7 p.m. ET

Streaming:Watch ESPN;with FUBO(free trial); streaming link:https://go.web.plus.espn.com/g1x9ZA

Florida baseball vs Texas A&M in 2024 College World Series: Live score updates

Florida makes a game of it in the 7th inning

Tyler Shelnut led off with a double and moved to third base on a wild pitch. Dale Thomas hit a deep shot to left field that barely eluded the outstretched glove of left fielder Caden Sorrell. The ball bounced over the fence for a double that scored Thomas. A sacrifice bunt moved him to third base, and he scored on a fielder’s choice. Texas A&M 3, Florida 2, middle 7.

Gators don’t capitalize on big scoring opportunity

Florida had a chance to make its first dent in Aggies’ pitching in the sixth inning. Cade Kurland was hit by a pitch, then Jac Caglianone doubled. Kurland was held at third base, giving UF two men in scoring position with no outs. But Texas A&M’s Chris Cortez struck out Ashton Wilson and Colby Shelton. Luke Heyman flied out to right fiend to end the threat. Texas A&M 3, Florida 0, mid 6 inning.

Aggies extend lead in 3rd inning

Liam Peterson walked Hayden Schott to start the inning. One out later, Caden Sorrell doubled to drive in Schott. Kevin O’Sullivan brought in Fisher Jameson to relieve Peterson, who allowed three earned runs, four hit and four walks in 2.1 innings. Jameson walked the first two batter to load the bases but followed with a strikeout and ground out to end the inning. Texas A&M 3, Florida 0, end 3.

Texas A&M takes early lead on Florida baseball

Texas A&M jumps to an early 2-0 lead against Florida in the second inning. The Aggies loaded the bases against Florida freshman starter Liam Peterson, then nine hole hitter Travis Chestnut got an infield single to put Texas A&M up 1-0. Third baseman Dale Thomas made a nice snare on a high chopper to save an extra base hit but couldn't get to the third base bag in time for the force out. Replays showed Thomas may have gotten the out, but Florida chose not to challenge. A second run then scored on a Peterson wild pitch. Texas A&M 2, Florida 0 end 2.

Batter Up!

The first pitch was delivered at 11:16 EST. Justin Lamkin threw a strike, 4 hours and 7 minutes after the game was scheduled to start.

Florida baseball the visiting team

As the only non-national seed in the field, Florida will open as the visiting team and bat first against Texas A&M. The Gators are wearing blue jerseys with white pants, while Texas A&M is in all white with maroon trim.

Tarp off field, Florida baseball vs Texas A&M to start at 11:15 p.m.

The tarp is off the field and both Florida and Texas A&M players are on the field, going through pregame warmups. Florida and Texas A&M are now scheduled for an 11:15 p.m. first pitch.

Florida baseball vs Texas A&M to start at 11 p.m.

Florida's game against Texas A&M is tentatively scheduled for an 11 p.m. first pitch as both teams will continue to wait through a four-hour weather delay. So, a late night for viewers and fans in Omaha.

Weather delay continues

Conditions have actually worsened. ESPN filling time with replay of FSU-Tennessee game. Prediction: FSU will again lose.

Florida baseball vs Texas A&M in weather delay

Florida baseball's CWS opener against Texas A&M, scheduled to start at 7 p.m. ET, is in a weather delay. The game time start is to be determined.

Texas A&M baseball lineup

Appel C, LaViolette RF, Grahovac 3B, Schott DH, Burton 1B, Sorrell LF, Camarillo SS, Kent 2B, Chestnut CF. SP: Lamkin (2-2, 5.73 ERA)

Florida baseball lineup

Kurland 2B, Caglianone 1B, Wilson RF, Shelton SS, Heyman C, Shelnut LF, Thomas 3B, Donay DH, Robertson CF. SP Peterson (3-4, 5.97 ERA).

Florida baseball vs Texas A&M score updates in College World Series (2024)
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