Can Monkeys Make Good Pets? Are They Friendly To Humans? (2024)

In movies, monkeys are frequently portrayed as naughty sidekicks with a voracious thirst for trouble.

These clever animals, however, are not as singular in their behavior in the actual world. You should know a few factors if you’re thinking of getting a monkey.

Not all species, for instance, are suitable for housekeeping. Do you want a monkey as a lifelong friend or something more temporary? Will you have time for routine maintenance?

This article will assist you in deciding if monkeys are suitable as a pet for you.

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Can Monkeys Make Good Pets?

Can Monkeys Make Good Pets? Are They Friendly To Humans? (1)

While the exchange of many monkey species and other animals continues to grow in the exotic pet trade, it is never out of place as the question sub-heading this paragraph.1

However, “No” would be the simplest answer in monosyllabic terms because monkeys are adapted to wildlife and may suffer improper socialization resulting in poor welfare.

At the same time, their owners risk zoonotic diseases or contracting other health issues.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and other organizations campaigning to end the keeping of primates as pets also add to the controversy regarding these animals making good pets, as some persons believe.

Is it Legal to Own a Monkey?

Can Monkeys Make Good Pets? Are They Friendly To Humans? (2)

Before deliberating on the whatnot of having this animal as a pet, it is important to know if having a pet monkey is legal.

Depending on where you reside, owning a monkey may or may not be legal. Some states forbid it outright, while others allow it under limited conditions.

In the United States, there is an outright or a partial ban on pet monkey ownership in some thirty-one states, while other states have a lengthy system of checks before allowing you to keep one.2

Are Monkeys Friendly and Sweet-Natured Creatures?

For many people, having a monkey as a pet may be a terrific experience that will bring joy to their life.

If you want to acquire a pet monkey, it’s vital to study the species you wish to buy.

Being aware that some species are friendlier than others is also crucial. Visit a monkey sanctuary to observe how these creatures respond to being treated by various people and groups.

A cute, reliant infant monkey will one day mature into the wild animal it was ecologically and biologically adapted to be.

A monkey’s wild nature will not be completely altered by human interaction, and pet monkeys never completely domesticate.

A monkey raised from birth is still a wild creature with little sense of self-control that could explode at any moment, even if you own it.

There is a greater risk of bites, property damage, and even fatalities from large monkeys and chimpanzees.

Monkey Price & Maintenance Costs – How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Monkey?

The price varies depending on the type of monkey; It costs about $7,000 to purchase some smaller monkeys (like capuchins).

If the monkey is going to be near people, it will require a cage ($600-$3500), food, medical attention, and diapers.

Additional supplies for monkeys include bedding, feeding bowls, and training gear. Special care products for the monkey breed, legal paperwork, as in many cases, and veterinarian costs are other expenses to consider.

Petcare expenses for a monkey may surpass $20,000, which could cost more if you choose a rare or large breed.

Thus, owning a monkey could be an $80,000+ investment when you put special diets, initial examinations, ongoing checkups, training gear and costs, and hygiene products.

The initial costs are significant, but the upkeep costs are also high.

How Long Do Monkeys Live?

For most monkeys, the average lifespans stretch from 10 to 40 years.

Are Monkeys Social Animals?

Throughout their entire lives, monkeys need a lot of social engagement. They adore and benefit from being among other monkeys.

According to studies, numerous social and behavioral issues arise when monkeys are separated from their social group that cannot be fixed.

One example is a six-month-old monkey separated from its mother, exhibiting various signs of depression physically and behaviorally.

Isolating monkeys adversely affects them. Leaving them alone bothers them and causes them to be irritational; they cry loudly and will tend to bite anyone within reach.

What Do Monkeys Eat?

Can Monkeys Make Good Pets? Are They Friendly To Humans? (3)

While bananas make monkeys’ primary diets, they are generally omnivores, consuming animal protein, nuts, and various fruits.

It can be expensive and time-consuming to create the specific diets that this animal frequently needs.

Due to the subpar meals many owners give their pets, diabetes is frequent in monkeys kept as pets.

This condition would require constant and ongoing observation from your vet.

Can Diseases be Transmitted Between People and Monkeys?

Monkeys and humans share a tight genetic link, making it simple for disease-causing organisms to spread between them.

Bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses are among the organisms that can be transmitted from non-human primates to humans and vice versa.

And finding a vet who is willing to treat your pet monkey can be difficult.

Diseases from non-human primate pets like monkeys, called zoonotic diseases, may cause illnesses, including herpes virus, campylobacter, hepatitis viruses, entamoeba, and tuberculosis, among others.

These diseases may be fatal, depending on their severity.

What Monkey Breeds Do People Keep as Pets?

Not all the two hundred species can fit into a domestic setting. Some common breeds people domesticate include the squirrel monkey, macaque, capuchin monkey, tamarin, marmoset, spider monkey, and guenon.

Some of these species, like the tamarin, earn human favor for their neatness; others do not have many unique dietary demands.

Intelligence, as in the squirrel monkey, and small size, as in the capuchin, also make these pets worthy of domestication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are monkeys scared of dogs?

Personal experiences suggest that monkeys will likely leave an area due to big dogs’ presence, and many consider dogs as natural dog predators.

How do some monkeys reflect human behavior?

Monkeys may reflect human behavior by gesticulation, recognizing individual reflections, understanding fairness, and laughing when tickled, among other behaviors.

What monkeys are peaceful?

There are roughly two hundred monkey species, but these tailed primates are not definite in behavior. While some monkeys are not well-behaved, Costa Rica’s squirrel monkeys are among the world’s least aggressive primates.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, can monkeys make good pets? The truth is they are not the ideal pets for all people.

A monkey as a pet is probably not the greatest choice for you if you want a lot of alone and downtime or if you find it difficult to maintain a tight bond with a single animal for an extended period.

A monkey, though, can be the ideal pet for you if you’re prepared to make a serious commitment and have plenty of time to devote to your new companion.

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Can Monkeys Make Good Pets? Are They Friendly To Humans? (2024)
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